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You can search for a couple by entering in the bride or groom's first and / or last name to find their honeymoon registry.

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Hannah Dissly and Justin Longacre
Tina Brogdon and Derek LambertTina Brogdon and Derek Lambert
Maïlys Leung Cheng Soo and Sebastian Dierksen
Caitlyn Wagner and Matthew Lega
Jeff Low and Soo Foong Wong
Nyckolle Lucuab and Christopher AkatsukaNyckolle Lucuab and Christopher Akatsuka
Eddie Lopez and Jasmine Gonzalez
Erin Lahti and Chris Patterson
Jessica Lau and Eric Lee
Jane Lee Jie Shern and Jackie Yap Chee Wei
Sylvia Joanne Laurence and Mithra Thuraisingam
Christine Yanes and Andy Llanes
Ivana Hahling and Ian Logsdon
Ryan Dasilva and Jordan Lavoie
Tayaria Smith and Syron Lemon
Franchesca Vega Graham and Melinda Levenson
Vincenzo Lako and Rosaria Caiaf
Tony Kvatch and Gemmarie Lumapay
Tim Stephen and Linda Lott
Leanne Lewis and Carl WicklineLeanne Lewis and Carl WicklineHanover, PA
Corey LeBlanc and Jaianny LeBlancNew York, NY
Brenden Lenton and Krystal Belles
Flory Exilien and Simon Leblanc-Barabé
Andrew Lawlin and Daniela Valladares
Abraham Gerson and Alicia Lorre
Ines Lopez and Steve Cuervo
Abison Logeswaran and Niki Bhalla
An Tsan and Vien Lu
Denise Labbe and John Katzianer
Jing Xin Teo and Jia Jun Lee
Eric Sandoval and Jazmine Lagunas
Amanda Gaedeke and Curtis Longtin
Flavia Lungu and Vlad Nicolcescu
Natalie Morton and Mason Lester
Stephanie Liberacki and Jerry Rude
Lindsay Lehman and Joshua Baltzell
Elmira Cannon and Austin Leali
Shani Levi and Benny Shtauber
Arthur Lau and Angel Chan
Madalyn Moore and Jacob Long
Carissa Luttrell and Kevin McDonald
Andrea Lennox and Nick EllsworthAndrea Lennox and Nick EllsworthGardena, CA
Cassandra Lee and Nigel Michael
Trisha Poulin and Timothy Lockefairfield, Maine
Shayna Shaw and Ryan Lawrence
Chloe Dyas and Kyle Lavelle
Danielle LaDue and Joseph Killian
Zoey Luin and Luke Biggins
Taylor Liebowitz and Derek Schmidt

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